Over 40 years experience supplying school uniforms






Are you looking for a schoolwear supplier that can cater to your specific school uniform requirements and service delivery needs? Varsity1 offers that and more with our vast range of schoolwear including School Shirts, School Dresses, School Pants, School Shorts, Blazers, Woollen Jumpers, School Sportswear, School Leavers Tops and much more. All of Varsity1’s schoolwear is produced by our specialist team with over 40 years’ experience that means we are simply the industry leaders when it comes to quality, value and style.

We offer completely custom schoolwear of superior quality and affordable pricing. Even more importantly, the unbeatable quality of our schoolwear is more than matched by the service of our dedicated sales and account management team.
Varsity 1 garments come from our very own factories – that’s right, no middleman! Deal with Varsity1 and you deal direct with the supplier.

What we bring to the classroom

Greater levels of quality, customer service, professionalism, technology and value (sadly something still lacking in the majority of our competitors today, both large and small!). Varsity1 puts product quality above profit. It’s that simple. Born from a passion for creating innovative, high-quality, custom-designed schoolwear since 1983. Since our inception 40 years ago, we have strived to and succeeded in being the absolute industry leader in quality yet affordable schoolwear.

Our mission


To design and create quality custom schoolwear, school sportswear and school leavers wear that is truly innovative and amazes our customers.


Maintain the shortest delivery times possible and continue to ensure that schools and students have their uniforms and apparel on time, every time.


Always act with integrity and honesty and strive to always provide our clients with the highest levels of customer service.


Continue to lead the market when it comes to manufacturing stable high quality schoolwear – 365 days of the year.

What you get when you partner with Varsity1


We pledge to establish lasting customer relationships by exceeding time frames of design briefs, quotations and deliveries whenever possible.


We maintain industry-leading manufacturing standards are maintained throughout both the business and the manufacturing process.


We only hire the best in every area of our business. By instilling a company-wide winning ethos, that’s exactly what we do!


We create stand-out Schoolwear with individualised designs that incorporate the latest fabrics, uniform cuts, themes and colour integrations.


We always offer reasonable prices to all clients from the smallest public primary school to the largest private secondary school.


We enrich your online customer experience with our leading online Schoolwear store technology.

Delivery process & timeframes

Where schools opt for an in school store rather than being serviced through one of our dedicated retail schoolwear stores, Varsity1’s business and manufacturing footprint has been structured to deliver the fastest apparel order lead times in the Australian Schoolwear Industry.

After reviewing an extensive list of manufacturing locations and supply chain models we have developed what we believe to be the most optimal and fastest supply chain model in the market place today.

We have the ability to run our manufacturing operations 24/7 to ensure urgent Schoolwear orders are manufactured in the quickest time frame possible.  

Certified Quality System – ISO 9001:2008

Most of our competitors talk about quality – at Varsity1, we live it! How do we do this? We build quality into every step of our supply chain, end to end. Not only have we built ISO standards into our own business – we ensure that all our key interfacing suppliers and partners are accredited ISO companies.


Our quality management mission statement

Deliver the highest level of excellence and value in the provision of Schoolwear and associated products and online technology that exceeds customer expectations.​

Build long-lasting relationships with our customers based on quality, honesty, integrity, satisfaction and personal attention.

Undertake only those assignments which can be fulfilled to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Comply with our quality requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

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